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- Product design at the functional level, structural and its productive relationship.
- Realization of product by volume or by experimental additive or subtractive techniques (SLA,

  SLS, and RM I3DP or MAV) prototyping.

-  Preparation of production drawings mechanical characteristics under Aenur , IQnet , ISO

   1000 and ISO 14000-2008 certifications.
- Laboratory tests certified under ASTM - American Standard Test Materials for objetual

   structure, finished goods or raw materials.
- Feasibility of product registration and the same process with national or foreign entities in

   compliance with the WIPO agreements in partnership with Community agreements and

   national regulations , understanding the viability of record as " The technical and

   mathematical study in partnership with the market need, allow to highlight the added value

   of the developed product, which will put above any existing in the prior art " types.
- Legal analysis of encroachments or misuse of products, processes, objects, artifacts , and

   other works for the establishment of legal action claiming the moral or economic rights to

   their rightful authors .

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